“Pedestal People” by Little Tealeif

“Pedestal People” by Little Tealeif has the most infectious groove you’ll ever hear. The combination of the sultry guitar motif and the quickfire vocals makes for a locked-in, hypnotizing ambiance. This track will unlock your animalistic desire to dance, tap your foot, or just move your body in some kind of way. It’s just that good. If you don’t leave the experience with a new favorite artist, you weren’t listening close enough.

The song begins with that aforementioned guitar riff, coupled with a soft hummed vocal. The drums carry a steady kick-snare pattern, ornamented by some rhythmically diverse clicks and snaps. The verse comes in hot: “I came back from the dead too quick.” Suddenly, a torrent of words flies by, uttered with a pleasantly cool affectation and a deep, gratifying pocket. At times, the vocals pan rapidly from ear to ear, broadening the perceived space of the mix. Additional instrumentation appears, including synths and hi-hats. The verses truly use electronic production to its highest capability. The textures and effects that are peppered in give this song an undeniable uniqueness.

As for the sung portions of this piece, the vocalist crafts a simple melody and performs it quite casually. It complements the mostly spoken track by dropping in a catchy melody here and there. That being said, the form of the track has the perfect arc. Dynamically and emotionally, you get everything you need from the shape Little Tealeif has created.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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