“Showgirl” by Faerie is rife with instinctive melodies, subtly vibrant production, and delicious harmonies. It’s easy to get weary of slow songs, but there’s so much personality in this track, it’s hard not to love it. The way the production and songwriting blend together feels like it was meant to be.

“Call me by your favorite name,” Faerie croons, “It’s not my own but I savor it anyway.” Her voice has this beautiful depth to it. It’s not too soft. It’s not too aggressive. It almost decorates the words with charm. The melody has an ideal arc, starting higher and dipping lower near the tail end. There’s a complexity to it that manages to be unpretentious. Some understated, non-diatonic chords electrify the sound even further. A brief tom fill gives the verse an almost Beatles-esque quality as the song gradually wanders toward the chorus.

“Watch me glow / I’ll be your showgirl,” Faerie sings coyly. Harmonies course through the mix with a smooth, shimmery fullness. The chorus allows the melody and chords to cooperate to their greatest extent, because each time the melody plateaus, a new, unexpected chord fades in. As that chord holds, the melody soars elsewhere.

A dramatic bridge is the icing on the cake for this one. It comes complete with some rhythmic band hits, a tremolo-drenched guitar line, and some angsty lyrics. If any of this sounds appealing to you (as it should), Faerie could be your new favorite artist. “Showgirl” is a brilliant display of songwriting skills and natural musical talent.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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