“Together” by Rebecca Sichon

“Together” by Rebecca Sichon is one of the most soulful, masterful displays of vocal chops you’ll ever find. With a retro, 6/8 groove and a set of dramatic chords, this track feels like a Janis Joplin tune but with a Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande twist. In addition, the production adds just the right amount of modernity to make it relevant and effortlessly cool. 

The song starts off with an incredibly gymnastic vocal run. Rebecca croons, “Oh, I / I don’t feel so small anymore,” as the melody swiftly hops from note to note. The slow nature of the instrumentation–which is mostly comprised of a simple drum groove and some legato piano chords–juxtaposes her vocals well, allowing them to take center stage for most of the song.

In the chorus, we’re gifted with a few more textures, including a pleasantly mobile bass line and a pitched, lower octave of the lead vocal. It fills out the sound, which, in effect, helps the anticipation build for the hook. “Wait for me there / At the bottom of the stairs / And we’ll climb to the top together,” she sings as the music melts down to almost nothing, just to pick back up for the second verse.

Other things you have to look forward to if you’re listening to this track include a tasteful bass solo, some dreamy harmonies, and a lot more serendipitous ad-libs from Rebecca. This track is perfect for the Neo-Soul lovers of the world–so if that sounds like you, give Rebecca Sichon some love.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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