“Stand Together” by 7000apart

“Stand Together” by 7000apart has one of the catchiest melodies you’ll ever hear. Combined with classic chords and poignant lyricism, the vocal takes this dynamic, gratifying shape that might just be stuck in your head for days afterward. This is the kind of track that anyone could enjoy, so, buckle up and get ready for an excellent listening experience!

It begins with a sentimental guitar lick and a few textural strums. The lyrics fall in soon after: “I’ve been running running running for some time / I never want to stop because I lose my mind.” The vocalist has a warm tone, sprinkled with rasp and an occasional whispered quality. The instrumentation remains rather stripped-down until the chorus, at which point a wave of harmonies and spacy synths pour in. The first time, there’s an ambiguous rhythm to this section, as there are no percussive elements quite yet. The second time, however, the chorus welcomes a complex, syncopated drum groove which seriously opens up the mix and allows for a higher-energy feel. This groove continues through most of the end of the piece, solidifying it as a veritable slow burn.

Be sure to give 7000apart a listen! “Stand Together” is a delectable song injected with meaning and talent. This indie pop duo is coming out with an honest, emotionally palpable EP as well, so keep your eyes peeled! If you want to keep up with them, you can give them a follow. You won’t regret getting to know this truly brilliant group!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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