“Sorry No Longer Cuts It” by Lethia’s Natorium

Pena is the face, the voice, and the words behind Lethia’s Natorium, the UK artist has been rising up the ranks. Pena gets help from session musicians and this means that the lineup does occasionally change but what doesn’t change is the greatness and passion behind the music. “Sorry No Longer Cuts It” isn’t the most recent release but it is one of their most popular tracks.

You may consider yourself lucky if you have not encountered someone who is two-faced, it’s much on the vibes of the TV show “You”. When you think you know who a person is but it turns out they have been living a double life. “Sorry No Longer Cuts It” is a song about a similar situation, it relates to a past relationship with someone who has a Jackell and Hyde personality.

Another song from Pena that does not disappoint, the vocals mixed with the ethereal energy is exactly what you need to sit down and think about what may need to change. Maybe you’re still in the situation, take a listen to the lyrics of the track and not just the instruments and really hear the song.

Lethia’s Natorium has proven countless times that they can make music that is easy to enjoy, as you listen to the rest of the track you will realize that may be your new favorite artist. “Sorry No Longer Cuts It” is just one track amongst many that you’ll love. Lethia’s Natorium is everyone’s choice.

Written by Jayé Maverick




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