“Turntable Tribulations” by The Margaret Hooligans

Here you are again, in a familiar place, reading a review about The Margaret Hooligans but this time is different. Now you are about to read a review about the long-awaited album “Turntable Tribulations”. The duo gave you a sneak peek into this second album by releasing three tracks for your listening pleasure but the unreleased ones really bring the thrill. Now, are you ready to hear this nine-track album? Good, click play.

“Oh Lord, Hit It” great way to start the album, the heavy classic sounding fast-paced track is a great way to kick things off. The Margaret Hooligans will never cease to amaze you, they continue to make music that you cannot help but enjoy the music they produce. The greatness continues with track two, “Good Morning Micro Man” the stop and go breakdown vibe makes you want to dance and just let loose. The song is fun, and the combination of the vocals with the guitar makes it gritty yet soothing.

This duo has been generating many fans since they’ve been out and after you listen to their songs, you’ll also be a fan. “Feedback” is a song title and something that the duo doesn’t need, this will make you want to start a mosh pit, the drums and guitar are enough to make you want to go insane. This track is something everyone can do, it’s sure to get the party started. Get ready to fist pump and headbang.

The Margaret Hooligans can’t help but to make enjoyable music aside from it sounding good, each song a message that you can really get behind. “Bippity Boppity” is worth every six minutes and eight seconds, it seems that the album started off amazing but yet each song keeps getting better and better. “I’ve Got Something to Say” is surely going to be your favorite, if you don’t believe it then click play.

The album is beginning to end, but that’s okay you don’t need to be sad because last but not least is “Psycho Diapers” which is exactly how it sounds. Enjoy the last track and just let your mind go at ease, the duo will not disappoint you as the album comes to its conclusion. If this wasn’t enough to scratch the itch then you can always play the album again, a decision that you won’t regret.

Written by Jayé Maverick

Photo credits: Melissa Nannen




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