“Light Is A Story” by Moorby Jones

Fans of modern rock with a nostalgic-like atmosphere won’t get enough of Woodford Green, UK-based folk rock band Moorby Jones. Their latest track, “Light Is A Story,” is a relaxing and uplifting soft rock song that has something everyone will enjoy. It has such a sense of calming and familiar nostalgia, yet Moorby Jones sheds a whole new light on the genre simultaneously. Comprised of a Pink Floyd-esque instrumental, compelling vocals, and unique lyrics, “Light Is A Story” is a speical type of song not heard in 2022.

The artists behind Moorby Jones are Steve Moorby (guitar/pedal steel/keyboards/mandolin/vocals), Dick Jones (bass guitar/bouzouki), and Gemma Moorby (guitar/keyboards/drums/vocals). “Light Is A Story” is the group’s first single of 2022, which highlight’s their distinct sound right away. Steve’s folk-like voice is reminiscent of artists such as Tom Petty, with his clever lyrics and raspy voice, yet it also has a contemporary sound. 

Moorby Jone’s sound is what could be described as “easy-listening” as its easy and soft on the ears and is the type of music that people of all generations will enjoy, no matter what their preferred genre is. The song is catchy, the instrumental, consisting of jangly guitars and bass, is gripping, and the overall aurora of the track is very enthralling.  

Take a listen to Moorby Jone’s latest single, “Light Is A Story,” and keep a lookout for any new music by the group. “Light Is A Story” is officially out on all major music streaming platforms. Stream it today!

Photo credits: Emma Semple

Written by Melissa Cusano







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