“Get Down” by band w/o band

Back again reading another review about band w/o band, a solo artist who is here to share his latest release “Get Down”. The German artist, also known as Marc is a multi-instrumentalist who pulls his inspirations from numerous genres. Marc is still doing everything right because his listens just keep going up and up, band w/o band has been and still is the perfect representation for Hamburg.

There’s no surprise that when you click play, the heaviness will blow you away. Marc is consistent in the music he makes, he provides you with a safe space to let your intense emotions out. He has a way of adding something unique to each track, he knows himself and his audience. The cross between heavy metal and grunge plus a mix of coffee is just what you need to keep going in the middle of a rough day. Band w/o band is becoming a name that many know and love, it’s damn near impossible to play one of his songs and not want to play another one. Are you going to be the only one to miss out on band w/o band?

Didn’t think so. Now stop whining, click play and let it all out. Band w/o band will be here to support you.

Written by Jayé Maverick





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