“Spectrum” by Alpha Mortal Foxtrot

The first single of the year is always important to an artist and to the fans, “Spectrum” is the first release from the trio in 2022. Many of you may already know who Alpha Mortal Foxtrot but some of you may not, they are a three-piece alternative rock group based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The group includes vocalist and guitarist Wiku Anindito, drummer Raiden Soedjono, and guitarist Ricky Putra, these three are on their way to doing big things.

“Spectrum” is produced by Rully Worotikan and was released on September 30, 2022, via the band’s own label JBRC, the group claims that this is their most powerful track to date.

As soon as you hit play you hear the heaviness that the drums and guitar provide, and you immediately want to start headbanging by yourself in a corner. It may be a song that sounds aggressive and loud but you can sense the sadness and hurt behind the track. This trio is on its way to being a name that everyone knows, the five and a half minutes is not enough. “Spectrum” is a track that you don’t ever want to end. If you need more from them, luckily they have multiple releases, it won’t be long before they are your favorite band.

Written by Jayé Maverick

Photo credits Haga Tara





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