“Hollow” by Ollie Twohill

Here you are again, reading another review about Ollie Twohill, the one-man band. He truly does it all, he sings, plays guitar, and uses both feet on a stomp box. Ollie does hope to fill the rhythm section pretty soon, in the meantime for his recordings he uses siblings drummer Blair Hamilton and bassist Lawson Hamilton. It’s always amazing to see a solo artist pour their heart and soul into their art and it’s even better when you see other musicians come in to help out.

Breakups are usually always tough, especially when it seems to come out of nowhere and you feel blindsided. This happened to Ollie and the result of that was “Hollow”, a relatable feeling that many of you have been through. The Australian artist has a fun upbeat sound to this track despite it being about intense emotions. The indie sound allows you to process your feelings through “Hollow”.

Just like his other tracks, “Hollow” is going to be one of his top hits, when an artist makes relatable music that also sounds amazing it makes you appreciate it more. Ollie Twohill is an artist that is going to be one of your favorites, he is hard to not love. Don’t be the only one to miss out on Ollie Twohill and “Hollow”.

Written by Jayé Maverick

Photo credits Jay Penfold Photography




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