“Petty” by Tarn PK is an experimental pop track that has the best of both worlds: an accessible, catchy sound and a nuanced production style. To stand out in pop music these days, you have to bring something unique and interesting to the table. In this case, it’s a creative combination of harmonies, rich autotune, and vibrant synths.

The intro sports a pulsing, distorted synth that constantly undulates with reverb and phaser. With a small flourish of a drum machine, we’re thrust into the verse. The vocalist delivers a spry melody, peppered with short phrases, repetition, and seamless leaps. Notably, his voice is drenched in autotune–the kind that negates vibrato and cuts from note to note jarringly. It’s quite the listening experience. The use of this effect takes it from another good pop verse to something truly special.

The mix softens for a short pre-chorus, which contains a more subtle vocal effect and some spacier instrumentation. It doesn’t last long though. Soon, the chorus careens in–full blast. A dirty bass synth and some percussion flood the sound with crisp, busy textures. Harmonies adhere to the melody, giving the lead motif an element of robust catchiness. It’s the perfect climax to an already fascinating track.

If you like hyper-pop but sometimes long for something milder, Tarn PK could be for you. With his obvious knack for crafting melodies and song structures, he successfully takes the fervor and somewhat feral energy of a one hundred gecs song and makes it digestible to any music-lover. It’s truly an enjoyable listen, so be sure to give him a like and a follow!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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