“Catfish Motel” by P.M. Tiger

“Catfish Motel” by P.M. Tiger is an anthemic, melody-driven alt-rock song overflowing with motifs and vocal acrobatics. Each section is infused with equal parts familiarity and novelty, giving it the ideal shape to keep you invested. By the end, you’ll be smitten with this devilishly endearing group.

It starts with a dreamy synth and a steady barrage of snaps. “You don’t understand / Yourself at all,” the singer croons through layers of echo, harmony, and chorus. Pretty much immediately, the beat sets in. Drums and guitar form a cohesive rhythm while the bass carves out its own path. The vocals take on a bit more power and clarity, belting expressive, fiery lyrics.

A drum fills signals the beginning of the pre-chorus. The lead melody and electric guitar engage in a little call-and-response, which builds the tension seamlessly until the inevitable eruption of the chorus. “You don’t take me anywhere,” the vocalist cries as a crunchy, gloomy chord rings out underneath. A catchy melody springs forth, bolstered by some guitar and drum hits. This chorus is the pinnacle of satisfaction–and as much as the instrumentation and arrangement emphasize this, it’s mainly the songwriting that gives it that sparkle. It’s melodically, rhythmically, and poetically perfect.

If this sounds appealing to you, give “Catfish Motel” a listen! The rest of the track has a lot to look forward to–including but not limited to–an exploration of the singer’s vast range, smooth guitar work, and a classic ending. P.M. Tiger is any modern rock lover’s dream, so be sure to give them some love on your choice of streaming service or social media!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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