“Rollin’ Over” by Mumbo

Just when you think you’ve heard every single type of voice, you come across a song like “Rollin’ Over” by Mumbo. With a vocalist this organic and unique, it’s hard to make something ordinary–in fact–Mumbo’s sound is so extraordinary it’ll leave you aching for more. All that said, the songwriting and arrangement prowess they exhibit is also top-tier. The ever-repeating guitar riff makes it feel strophic, yet the changing melody gives it a satisfying arc. Not to mention, there’s a sweet, soulful guitar solo for those who seek the jam-band atmosphere.

It begins with the aforementioned guitar riff, which toggles between notes in several chords, letting them ring out over one another. It’s rather bright and has an uplifting, sentimental effect. The singer comes in chiming, “I’m standing in the pale blue light / Early morning, from the night.” Her crisp, almost nasal timbre furthers the treble-forward mix. As she forms these rhythmically ambiguous, floating melodies, harmonies spill onto certain phrases. A series of strums locks the melody into something a bit more repetitive and memorable for a moment, a lovely way to keep the listener engaged.

Drums pile in to heighten the energy, and from then on the sectionality remains pretty regular. If you’re a fan of soft rock, you will adore this song. Mumbo is one of the most distinct yet accessible artists you’ll come across. So, be sure to give them a listen, a like, a follow, and a download. You’ll fall in love with their gloriously idiosyncratic sound!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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