“crushin” by Gallowayyys

“crushin” by Gallowayyys borders on being more of an experience than a straight-ahead pop song. With its non-traditional sectionality and copious experimental textures, it sets a dreamy, hypnotizing atmosphere. Not to mention, the lyrics flow so seamlessly into the music, it feels somehow equally serendipitous and meticulously crafted. It’s a brilliant piece of music by an artist destined for greatness.

The song begins with a sultry voice calling, “And listen Gallowayyys, next time you’re in my town you need to hit me up.” Droves of echo cover these words as a smooth bass line and a tinny synth form some ambient noise underneath. The first sung section of the song peeks through suddenly. Chords drift by with a sparse simplicity. A distant, covered drum groove thumps along in an effort to heighten the energy. We transition into another section quickly, this time with a faster, busier style. The synths and vocals mimic one another, hopping from note to note in this rapid, sparkly manner. The drums overflow with brisk hi-hats, injecting it with a little hyper-pop influence.

Before you know it, you’re thrust into another section–then another–all characterized by different rhythms, dynamics, and textures. The song form doesn’t fit into the conventional verse-chorus structure but instead creates its own shape. There are pieces that repeat, which are absolute gold, but it mostly follows a unique trajectory. It’s an endlessly creative track to analyze.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg




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