“Immi” by Matt Zambon

“Immi” by Matt Zambon is an exhilarating trek through brilliant guitar work, sound design, arrangement, and songwriting. With a build that keeps you perpetually engaged, it injects an already moving set of lyrics with even more heart. Just like a good movie, afterward, you might just want to relisten to glean some of those fascinating bits you didn’t catch the first time.

An arpeggio-based guitar riff rings out over a set of crisp, white-noise-like textures. These sounds are hard-panned in such a way that they seem to exist in our reality. It’s a mesmerizing effect. “Here I am / Once again / For your heart so cold, how is your bed so warm?” the singer croons, dripping in doubles and warm yet subtle effects. The melody is quite expressive and amorphous, never falling where you expect it to. The song remains this way for a bit–sparse and simple–with the exception of a few chord changes and a small instrumental build in the second verse.

When you reach the climax of this song, you know it. You get everything: emphatic drums, tight harmonies, spacey guitar solos, belted vocals, and blankets of synths. It all piles up at once. It makes for one of the most emotionally gratifying bridges you’ll ever hear, and to top it off, all of this melts back to a lone electric guitar for the outro. Matt Zambon does a fantastic job of making his music come to life with production and vocal delivery. If you like alternative/soft rock music, you’ll doubtlessly adore “Immi.”

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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