“VILLAIN” by Cameron Clark

“VILLAIN” by Cameron Clark is an example of the vast, often untouched possibilities of pop production. With sharp, severe rhythms and a whole slew of synth sounds, this track sets an unforgettable groove. The song itself, which is lyrically bold with a touch of irreverence, toggles through a minor chord progression seamlessly. Regardless of your music taste, you’ll glean a little enjoyment from this one. It manages to be devilishly creative and accessible to anyone at the same time.

The intro begins with a brief flourish of strings, which almost immediately explodes into a clamorous synth riff. The percussion spills a variety of textures into the mix, ornamenting different divisions of the beat and complementing the rhythms of the synths. “Better to die the hero / Than to turn into the villain,” Cameron croons suddenly, as the instrumentation dissolves into something a little more sparse and minimalistic. His vocals are clear and well mixed, but also obviously well performed. He has a bright tone at times, then switches to this sultry vocal fry. It imbues the lyrics with this smug coolness.

Other riveting moments you’ll experience include a splash of tasteful harmonies, an infectiously catchy bridge, and an organic, almost unexpected ending. You won’t regret giving a little bit of your time and attention to this track, because in the end, you’ll have a new favorite pop artist. Cameron Clark’s knack for manifesting vibrant, ambitious ideas shows in his discography. So, go ahead and give him a listen, a follow, and a download!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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