“Ghost Town” by Love Ghost (feat. Santa RM)

Love Ghost’s (feat. Santa RM) hard-hitting, genre & culture-fusing track “Ghost Town” is a force to be reckoned with. Compelling vocals, addicting melody, and a surprise at every corner: Love Ghost’s type of music is not put in a box. The group’s unique blend of inspirations makes for a truly distinctive sound. “Ghost Town” contains a hot pot of genres, blending elements of rock, rap, metal, and emo (among much more.) There is nothing out right now that is giving off the same infectious, eccentric music quite like Love Ghost, and they are only at the beginning of their journey.

“Ghost Town” although some may have to translate certain verses depending on where the listener is located, tackles worldwide topics such as mental health and loneliness, something that we can all relate to, no matter what language we speak.

The rap-rock group is comprised of Finnegan Bell (lead vocals, lyricist, guitar), Daniel Alcala (guitar, engineer backing vocals), Cory Batchler (keys, bass, backing vocals), and Daniel Gallardo (drums, vocals). The track was produced by Mike Summers (Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne), and Mexican Hip Hop artist Adan Cruz directed the music video.

“Ghost Town” begins with an emo-rap-esque instrumental, where Finnegan’s mesmerizing voice takes over. He effortlessly switches ranges, showcasing his impeccable talent. After Finnegan completes his verse, hip-hop artist Santa RM brings a blunt, non-compromising element to the track, making it a unique genre that is so fun to listen to. His near-spotless flow is undeniable, and really brings the entire track together.

Take a listen to “Ghost Town” now, available on all major music streaming platforms! Also check out both Love Ghost and Santa RM, as they are just getting started.

Photo credits: iastitraia

Written by Melissa Cusano


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