“Night Stalker” by 1st Base Runner

Here you are again, reading possibly your 5th review on 1st Base Runner, clearly, this is an artist that is turning heads. “Night Stalker” is the first release from 1st Base Runner and the excitement is high. The Austin, TX-based singer-songwriter, Tim Husmann is known as 1st Base Runner. The experimental indie rock artist is also a multi-instrumentalist and producer, which makes his sound that much better.

“Night Stalker”, is said to easily be his darkest and most cinematic work yet, it’s ambient, experimental, and downright spine-chilling. It’s suggested to lock your doors and kill the lights before exploring this visceral collection. The haunting eerie sound is the first thing you hear as you start to EP, it’s immediately bone-chilling and gives you goosebumps. You can already tell this release is not like his others, it’s a different kind of mature, a bit grungy, and has some goth notes to it.

There’s no need to pick apart each track piece by piece, despite the lack of lyrics, the music speaks for itself. The EP is one you’ll put on repeat, it calms you down and put your brain at ease. When you finally hear Tim’s voice it’s almost as if this sensational wave comes over you and you are in a trance.

1st Base Runner is taking over, there is a reason why you’re here again. It’s hard to not want to hear more, know more, and listen more. Tim is on his way to the top and maybe you’ll be able to catch him at SXSW one of these years, you can only imagine how cathartic the live shows would be. The release you would have, he helps you get rid of that negativity.

What’s next for 1st Base Runner? It may be unknown for now but one can only hope that more releases are coming soon. 2023 is going to be here soon and that must mean new music. Luckily while you wait, you can play the multitude of releases that are already out

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photos by Heather Gildroy





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