“Any Love At All” by Numbers Don’t Count

“Any Love At All” by Numbers Don’t Count is one of those serendipitously delightful songs that infuses your whole day with nostalgia. With a tried-and-true, classic chord progression and heaps of lovely vocal harmonies, this carefully crafted track communicates a bittersweet, sentimental feeling. It’s enveloped in warmth and simple, effective musicality.

The song begins with a swift fade and a sparse, poignant moment. An acoustic guitar carries this minimalistic section, which puts the lyrics in the spotlight, effectively introducing the emotional weight of the track. “You don’t have any love at all for yourself,” the singer croons, catapulting the song into a steady, almost jazzy rhythm. Drums perform a soft, percussive beat underneath some bright piano octaves. It manages to have a lounge-esque feel while still communicating a deep sense of melancholy–mostly bolstered by the brilliant use of non-diatonic chords. It’s got this vibrant, multi-faceted atmosphere that pretty much anybody could enjoy.

Other moments you have to look forward to include a soulful guitar solo, an outpouring of tight harmonies, and a dynamic, textural crescendo. The arc of the song embodies the concept of a slow burn, continuously heightening the energy with subtle arrangement and production tricks. That being said, it may not be bombastic like most pop or rock tracks, but it’s undeniably climactic.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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