“Party Wall” by boyforever

“Party Wall” by boyforever is an experiential synth-pop song full of non-traditional textures and vibrantly breathy vocals. As distant, clamorous voices fill the background, you’re transported to a locked bathroom at a raging party. The synths and drums carry the musical integrity expertly, but the real magic happens when the lyrics and the situational implications meld into this atmospheric, poetically complex, genuinely incredible piece of music.

A droning, fuzzy synth pierces the mix to start things off. The background noise (i.e. the implied party) accompanies it. “I know my place / Often I say I need my space,” the bright, whispery vocals bleed into the already busy mix. Already you’re entrenched in an image–this person has disappeared into an empty room at a wild party for one reason or another. Alone, there’s a moment of self-reflection. As the lyrics continue to spill details, you start to realize there’s another individual who, whether they are physically there or not, is intriguing and distracting the speaker. It starts to feel a little sultry and passionate. There’s a whole flood of different inferences you can make about it and that’s what makes it so brilliant.

On a more superficial note, there’s a lot to enjoy about the musicality of this track as well. The melodies are catchy, and the production is clean. Many moments will leave you tapping your foot or humming along. Put it all together, and you get a classic, well-written pop song with a thought-provoking ambiance. Be sure to give “Party Wall” a listen, and boyforever a follow!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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