“I’d Never…” by The Duke of Randwick

“I’d Never…” by The Duke of Randwick is this wild, feverish experience driven by quickfire drums, an impassioned vocal performance, and a dramatic, shapely dynamic arc. For the entire five-minute and ten-second run time, this track never fails to keep the listener on their toes. If you love alternative rock music that falls more on the heavy side, this will floor you. Rock music needs a certain amount of organic, genuine grit and creativity to feel right. “I’d Never…” excels in harnessing that sought-after element. Don’t miss out on this one.

The instrumentation, for about two-thirds of the song, aligns with what a traditional rock band might have–copiously distorted bass, guitar, and fast, loud, frenetic drums. The vocals ride the line between screamed and sung, which infuses the melodies with immense urgency. For that other third of the song, the arrangement shifts dramatically. An ominous, steady set of drum hits ornaments the suddenly bare track. Spacy strings and synths carve out foreboding, minor chords with a slow ambiguity. It’s the perfect juxtaposition to the rest of the song. You’re left in awe, wondering how you went from this high-energy, aggressive atmosphere to a quiet, chilling spaciousness.

Needless to say, the amount of inventiveness and versatility required to make a song this diverse is extensive. It’s not every day you hear a song that breaks the norms of its perceived genre like this. The emotional journey this song takes you on is almost reminiscent of a film score, which, to pretty much any musician, requires a deep understanding of the subtleties of how sound relates to mood. Give The Duke of Randwick a listen if you’re looking for a new favorite artist. They won’t disappoint.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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