“Pretend” by Cyrussx is the definition of beautiful simplicity. With subtle yet meticulous production and a straightforward, emotionally gratifying set of lyrics, this song is a recipe for melancholic self-reflection and catharsis. Each melody, chord, and rhythmic element cooperate to act as the smoothest, most liberating vehicle for the sorrowful message.

It begins with a twinkly drone, a steady acoustic guitar, and a sentimental riff. Cyrussx comes in with a poignant lyric, delivered with a balanced, soft, relatable timbre. A small instrumental break blossoms with drums and bass, allowing the song to breathe for a moment before the chorus breaks loose. Little motifs thicken the textures of this moment so as to build the energy.

As the chorus erupts, we’re introduced to a new chord progression and a new ambiance. The chords mimic the gloom of the lyrics: “It’s not fair / How unfair of you.” Everything takes on this reverb-y, ethereal, yet resounding vibe. It’s quite effortlessly climactic. Nothing is incredibly complicated, yet the effect is arresting. Cyrussx has mastered the art of making delicate musical choices feel intensely poignant.

If you stick with this song a little longer, you’ll be gifted with some expertly belted vocals and a satisfying ending. As a whole, “Pretend” checks all of the boxes of a moving, genuinely good song. Regardless of genre biases, any music-lover could enjoy it. So, in your never-ending search for new music, be sure to give Cyrussx a listen, a download, and a follow. This versatile artist has so much to offer.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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