“Filthy Dream” by Rose White

In 2017, Poland-born Pop/Funk artist Rose White went to London with £300, two suitcases and a dream to make a name for herself in the UK music scene. Now she has released the second single “Filthy Dream” from her upcoming debut EP One Fourth Mark. The EP is expected to be released on February 24th, 2023.

White was always surrounded by the arts. Before she pursued music, she was a professional ballroom dancer. At age 15, she played her first hometown show and knew music was what she wanted to do forever.

“Filthy Dream” showcases White’s smooth vocals and polished production. She effortlessly infuses jazzy sounds and a sultry instrumental of saxophones and piano. The overall song perfectly captures the storytelling of White and her idea of how money can make a relationship toxic. Her influences of Amy Winehouse and Sia shine through with her vocals and her soft accompaniment. Lyrically, the song cleverly shows how money has ruined the relationship the couple had by White singing, “money made you filthy / money stole your heart / took away the human / that I used to love.”

Speaking about the track, White says, “This song is a gentle reminder that even though we can have passionate chemistry with someone, it doesn’t mean we won’t get hurt in a long time. True colours come out at some point.”

This single is one of the songs from White’s upcoming EP One Fourth Mark. The EP plans to touch on her relationships, mental health, and life after turning 25.

Written by Katie Power

Photo Credit: George Thomas Bell





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