“Christina (Christmas Baby)” by The Tell Alls

Christmas time is upon us, and one of the best parts of Christmas is the music! The jingling bells, the halls being decked, and of course the Mariah Carey classic are all staples of Christmas music. However, it leads me to ask… what is the biggest appeal of Christmas music? Honestly, I think the Tell Alls have answered that question for me with their song, “Christina (Christmas Baby)”.

Christina (Christmas Baby) by The Tell Alls

Let me get into the music first. Musically, this is quite different from the usual Christmas song, and I mean that in the best way possible. Typically, with rock Christmas songs, they sound like you are getting ready to go to war making a last minute grocery run on Christmas Eve. This song, still a rock Christmas song, sounds like a warm Christmas morning. It sounds like your kids waking you up excitedly to say, “Santa was here! All the presents are under the tree now!” So is that the appeal of Christmas music? Feeling like you can tap into your inner child once more? Somewhat, but let’s talk about the lyrics.

Lyrically, I love this. This is a Christmas song, but it’s about a girl named Christina being born on Christmas Day. As he says before the chorus, “She was born the same day as Christ”. Artist Kenny Buono stated, “This is a concept that… isn’t talked about that much”. He’s right! For how many people we’ve known born on Christmas, there aren’t any birthday songs about people being born on the day (other than Jesus). So, are Christmas songs about celebration? In a way, yes, but there’s more…

In the song, he sings about Christina being born, her believing in Santa, her playing hide-and-seek, and shouts out the other Christmas-born people as well! I can’t do his words justice but listening to this song made me realize the biggest appeal of Christmas music: heartwarming happiness. This song is overall just so feel-good! “Christina” is about Christina being born on one of the biggest holidays of the year, but this song’s spirit is about the fact that we all come together on Christmas and decide to be relaxed and happy for one day. We watch as our loved ones open up presents and we feel happy because they are happy. “Christina (Christmas Baby)” by The Tell Alls is a song about appreciation, and it should be added to your Christmas playlist!

Written by Marcus Norris





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