“B Ok (feat. Essa V.)” by Hyper Lion

“B Ok (feat. Essa V.)” by Hyper Lion feels like a cross between a Daft Punk song and an MGMT song. Sprinkled with bright synth riffs and robotic vocal effects, this track feels simultaneously retro and modern. Pieces of it are revolutionary, while others harken back to previous eras of music. All things considered, it’s incredibly catchy. You’ll doubtlessly enjoy every second of it.

A small drum fill ushers us into this electrifying intro, overflowing with fuzzy synths, an animated chord structure, and an 80’s-insipred, drum-machine-like groove. The vocals pierce through the mix suddenly, laden with autotune and various filters. The melody follows a satisfying arc, often sneakily skipping a beat in this smooth yet clearly skillful way. The chorus arrives quickly: “Every little thing’s gonna be okay in the end / In the end.” It’s infectious, repetitive, and easily one of the most memorable hooks you’ll ever hear.

The structure of this song is simple. Many of the motifs will grace your ears multiple times. This doesn’t detract from the musical integrity, however. You’ll find yourself delighted by its elegant austerity. Sometimes, the bells and whistles in music get to be a bit much. We all need a few songs in our lives that are uncomplicated, well-thought-out, and easy to enjoy. Plus, you’ll experience some bubbly harmonies and masterful sound design along the way.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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