“Here With You” by The Starkillers

Known for their cyber tech infused indie rock style, The Starkillers strip back their sound with their new single “Here With You,” available everywhere now. The Salt Lake City band formed in 2020 but the four bandmates have been friends for years. The members consist of lead vocalist Jon Omen, bassist Chris Panic, drummer Doc Taylor, and guitarist Mike Fiedel.

The song is the third single release from their upcoming album “Close To The End.” The goal of the album was described by Omen as “the cycle of a toxic relationship, and all of the stages you’d find yourself going through.” “Here With You” highlights the spark and when you are able to really connect with someone.

The production of the track lets the lyrics take center stage. With Omen’s slight rasp, his emotions shine through, highlighting the butterflies he feels about this person potentially being the one for him. The acoustic picking allows an intimate setting, but the song builds into gang vocals, drums, and electric guitars rocking alongside Omen’s vocals. While the band typically draws inspiration from bands like The Killers and Walk the Moon, this sound may remind the listener of OneRepublic too.

When asked to talk more about the single Omen shared, “Here With You is really just about wanting to be with the person you connect with. It comes off as a romantic song, which in a way it is, but we wanted to focus more on the intimacy of simply clicking with another human being. And wanting to spend every waking minute with them, because in a way, they complete you.”

So, transport yourself to the year 2077 to listen to The Starkillers futuristic yet classic sound!

Written by Katie Power





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