“The Answer” by David Taro

London Based singer-songwriter David Taro’s latest single, “The Answer,” is a nostalgic yet contemporary track, sounding like it could be a modern classic. Anyone can enjoy Taro’s beautiful vocals, which are somewhat cry-like. His trembling voice, filled with raw emotion, makes for a unique track often missed in 2022. Along with Taro’s captivating vocals, the indie-rock instrumental ties the track flawlessly together. Fans of old-school brit pop/rock bands such as The Beatles and Oasis won’t get enough of the fresh new take on the genre, with some sentimental reminiscence of course.

“The Answer,” as the title suggests, begs for the answer for meaning. As Taro explains, sometimes “the answer” was always there. Taro’s riveting lyrics about life and purpose, among other existential questions that we all have, are accompanied by an enchanting instrumental, which blends layers of acoustic guitar, lap steel, and synth.

David Taro’s unique sound is destined to get him far. “The Answer” is David’s third and final single of 2022. Taro’s had a successful year, releasing his “Judy” EP, which received excellent reviews. Along with “Judy,” Taro also released the hard-hitting rock ballad “Never Had A Love Like This Before.”

David Taro is just starting, as his near-flawless production was done himself. “The Answer’ was self-produced in Taro’s South London home studio. If his music sounds this unique without much help, imagine Taro’s future possibilities. We’ll have to see it in 2023!

Photo credits: Emma Wurfel Photography

Written by Melissa Cusano


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