“January” by The Century Band

January” is the latest track released by The Century Band and it’s worth much more than just one listen. “January” is perfectly toned and has a folk-rock, rhythm, and blues americana calming sound. This clever melancholy track will immediately catch the attention of listeners and will have them falling as soft as snow in January.

The Century Band does an excellent job of making their listeners feel the sense of longing that they are expressing through their lyrics. “January” is a song of sadness, but more than that, it’s a song of realization. The Century Band teams up with Marc Delgado on this cold winter track and they’ve delivered greatness that listeners can’t deny.

January” captivates listeners by creating a scene and a “story” in our heads, filling it with a perception of The Century Bands’ aching words and reminiscing times. This may be a sad track, but it reminds listeners to look forward to the flowers that come once the snow melts.  

It’s a long, cold January/ the moon is clear and bright/ the trees are shining in the darkness/ hanging on to life-” This bittersweet tale by The Century Band has struck listeners with a gold heartfelt melodious narrative. 

So it’s Happy New Year baby/ don’t want to say goodnight.” This 2:51 track has its listeners wanting to hear more and wondering what will happen once January ends. 

January” is a cold track, that provides some warmth for its listeners, through the lyrics. Listen to “January” by The Century Band, so you don’t miss out!

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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