“Destroyed” by Snakedoctors

Snakedoctors has released a super-catchy single titled “Destroyed” and this one is sure to catch the attention of their listeners and keep them transfixed. “Destroyed” is perfect for listeners who want that grunge feeling back, this is for the listeners who miss garage music, and most of all for those that experienced it firsthand.

Snakedoctors has done a brilliant job combining the sounds of classic rock, punk rock, 90s rock, and alternative rock. “Destroyed” is angry, loud, nostalgic, and edgy. This track has perfect placement and timing with the band’s deep, dark vocals. 

“You know/ you’re wrong on everything/ you think you’re right with all you do-”, Snakedoctors begins the track by accusing their subject, stating that they should admit their faults. As the song gains intensity, there is some purposeful distortion that makes the expressions of the lyrics stand out even more. 

You came into my life/ and left it destroyed.” Snakedoctors teamed up with the infamous Nik Hughes (of Bush), for this new version of the track, and mastering was done at Howie Weinberg Mastering. Fans are falling fast for this updated version as it has a new fresh feel and drills in even more emotion than before. 

Snakedoctors has a legendary sound with a mix of talented vocals and a uniqueness that shows they are in their own lane. With a track like this, listeners are going to be reminded of how great the 80s and 90s alternative rock scene was, and they will be sticking around to play this track on repeat.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

Photo credit: Wojciech Wypych (cover, band), Mariusz Wypych (live)





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