“Winter Scarf” by Cholly

“Winter Scarf” by Cholly is the dreamy, experimental electronic track you’ve been waiting for. Oftentimes, modern-day pop music over-explains the emotional intention of a song. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, there’s something to be said about sneakily touching, intricate, subtle music. “Winter Scarf” uses sound design, chord choices, and delicate melodies to make you feel sentimental and melancholy all at once.

A bright, crisp swell of sounds opens the track. One synth pulses with tremolo. One fills the mix with a gentle chord. A reversed piano builds to the entrance of the vocal: “Winter wraps itself around my neck.” Two separate yet complementary melodies create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Cholly’s voice has this whispered quality to it, making it feel a bit more intimate. The piano plucks out a counter melody. As each new phrase passes by, we’re presented with pretty much the same chord, which makes it all the more satisfying when the chords finally do change.

The textures thicken suddenly. It feels like you’re bathing in a chaotic soundscape. Vocal samples are crumbling around you. Synths are piercing through the mix with a jarring, urgent line. The percussion is setting an anthemic beat. It’s gone from feeling calming and maybe a bit morose to feeling important and bold. The song ends with a loud, high-energy hit that fades to nothingness.

Give Cholly a listen! “Winter Scarf” is one of the most creative pieces of music you’ll ever hear. Plus, it might just make you feel a little something.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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