“I Hate Goodbyes” by Sarah Burton

“I Hate Goodbyes” is a summery, Rilo Kiley-esque soft rock track–the kind that’s so decadent it attracts lovers of any genre. While the lyricism is somewhat bittersweet, the music is so sweet and casually uplifting it’s almost impossible not to have your day brightened. Not to mention, Sarah Burton’s voice has an incredibly organic, raspy quality to it that not only serves the song but solidifies her as a brilliantly unique artist.

“You said you’re perfect for me / Then you said you didn’t mean it,” the lyrics start the track off. A splash of instrumentation emphasizes each beat. With a vibrant eighth note build, The rhythm sets in. Harmonies envelop the lead vocal with this bright, full adherence. The chords follow a classic progression, emphasizing the relatability and accessibility of the songwriting.

A sudden stop ushers in the chorus. “And I’ll be here in America / Or we could travel the world,” Sarah croons, accompanied by this lightly overdriven guitar riff. The stop really allows the chorus to breathe, making the moment the instrumentation returns all the more exciting. It’s melodious. It’s fun. It’s everything you could want from a light-hearted indie rock track.

Other delightful elements you can expect from the rest of this track include a texturally individual bridge and a rather bluesy guitar solo. It ends with a hard stop, directly after Sarah utters the last hook. If you’re a fan of 90s/early 2000s folk/indie/rock music, you’ll love this! Don’t miss out on Sarah Burton’s natural, emotionally gratifying artistry.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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