Review & Interview: “Waist Deep” by Frogs in Suits

“Waist Deep” by Frogs in Suits is a deeply diverse set of rock songs that implement a wealth of influences. It has this undeniable cohesiveness, yet, every song will remind you of something different. For instance, “Headwires” feels like a Smashing Pumpkins song while “Choked Up” subtly evokes The Strokes and The Cure. “Opiates of Pain” utilizes the darkness of Deftones but “Drown You Out” has the clean-cut pop-rock atmosphere of The 1975. “Homesick” ties it all together by acting as an amalgamation of everything. All that being said, there’s something for everyone. Each song creates a perfect, narrative-like surprise for your listening experience. The through-line is brilliant songwriting and a wildly individual singer.

To give a brief analysis of arrangement–this E.P. could be a masterclass on the use of dynamics and sound design as elements of sectionality. The way the instrumentalists in this band create this ebb and flow between anticipation and satisfaction is genius. Dreamy guitar riffs ornament the verses, then they blossom into heavy, distorted power chords for the choruses. Instruments often switch between melodic and harmonic motifs, bright and dark modes, and spacey and edgy effects. This allows the songs to really breathe, as well as have their own individual shapes within the overarching shape of the E.P.

For a more in-depth look at the songwriting, production, and performance of this magnificent band, check out our review on “Headwires!” Otherwise, be sure to give this E.P. a listen and a download because it truly delivers on all fronts.

Q&A with Frogs in Suits

Q: “Waist Deep” is one of the most uniquely and diversely influenced E.P.s I’ve heard in a long time. Who would you name as the key musical influences? As a band, how do you think your sound is affected by each individual member’s music taste?

We all like different music. All rock. Wide tastes, Metallica. Avenged Sevenfold. Deftones. Harry is into Smashing Pumpkins and The Strokes.

HARRY: “The point about it is there are so many different influences. Yes, me being the main songwriter, I have so many different influences. Then you combine Hamish, Jordan, and Justin’s influences to make this hybrid of music. I take different parts out of each band I listen to. From Smashing Pumpkins, I learned about the emotion of writing music and how different songs and sounds affect different emotions. The Strokes are about how to use your instruments wisely, what can two guitars do that are different. The Arctic Monkeys taught me how to tell a story and write lyrics and Nirvana taught me about energy and uniqueness.”

*Those are big-name bands dude? What about bands that might surprise people?

HARRY: “I don’t necessarily hear music and say: ‘oh that sounds cool’. I hear and I feel something, I take away the emotion. This made me feel this, that’s what I want to replicate. Not replicate their sound.

Q: Which song off of the E.P. was your favorite to record? What about to perform? 

FROGS IN SUITS: a mix between Homesick, Opiates, and Drown You Out

HARRY enjoyed them all: “Because different ideas about how I would capture the tones, the emotions but Headwires because it’s the most important song to me because it started the new direction of the band. Made me feel like a proper songwriter.”

Q: What effect do you hope your music has on your audience? What is the intended emotional impact?

: Depends on the song. A lot of songs. Real events of the singer. But more having young people relate to similar troubles in life. Being amongst songs with that catchiness, nice to listen to.

HARRY: “We want people to like the sound, but the main thing is I want them to hear it and go I haven’t heard that before. I get something out of Frogs In Suits that I don’t get out of many other artists and genres. They can listen and be taken on an adventure. The EP is meant to sound a bit different and spark different emotions. I want people to feel, not just hear. When not physically working on music, I’m mentally thinking about music. Always some scenario in my head, some situation, might be singing parts of a song, listening. Aside from music, hanging with friends, and watching TV I immerse myself in the culture of cinema.

Q: What brought your band together?

We all studied music in Grade 11 at Launceston College in 2019. We were in the same class. Some of us had met years earlier (Harry and Jordan) on the cricket field. We all had similar music interests and clicked.

Q: What would you like to say to your fans out there?

Hope our music is more than background, want to convey emotion. Hope people connect in their own way. The support we get means a lot.

HARRY: “Embrace, listen and take your interpretation of our music and see where it goes from there.”

Reviewed & Interviewed by Alyce Lindberg





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