“Bring Out the Sunshine” by Nick Noon

I think that everyone will eventually have a point in their life where they will experience the 5 stages of grief. While it has been said that there are more stages of it, the 5 core stages are what we remember: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. “Bring Out the Sunshine” by Nick Noon expertly handles grief.

These lyrics will make you cry. Like, Jesus! Something about them just hits that melancholic chord so well. Now, he starts out pretty relaxed, by saying, “I don’t know why I do all the thigs I do, I got the devil by my side, but all I want is you”. This sets the tone for the song, as it feels like the “devil” in question is that bad part of his conscience. In other words, he’s thinking with the wrong head. He understands this, but knows he just wants this one love. He also acknowledges that the devil is putting in overtime to be in his mind, and I think that this represents his own doubts as well.

The music itself is wondrous! It starts with a Verve-esque violin and has this lovely combination of diverse instrumentation as the song goes on. You hear a bit of piano when the chorus hits, as well as a faint acoustic guitar. The violin paired with the guitar gives this song the melancholic feeling that I mentioned, and it makes the song so dynamic.

However, my favorite part has got to be the bridge. An electric guitar comes in, which literally feels like the sunshine is being brought out by Nick Noon. A little bit after that comes Nick singing with a choir behind him, and that sounds (no pun intended) angelic.

“Bring Out the Sunshine” is a song that could have multiple meanings to it, but I think at the end is why I see it as a melancholic happy affair. Near the end of the song, he croons, “I don’t want to say good night”, as the instruments swell up to a thunderous climax. Pairing this with the rest of the song, this hits me as him saying the phrase, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” This is confirmed at the end, as the instruments calm down and Nick is gently singing over them. He’s reached acceptance.

Check out “Bring Out the Sunshine” by Nick Noon! This song hits several parts of grief and is truly powerful in how its handled. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

Written by Marcus Norris





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