“Tales Of A Sad Boy” by Love Ghost (feat. Big Boss Mulaa)

Emo rock/pop artist Love Ghost’s new EP “Tales Of A Sad Boy” is an infectious, meaningful, and relatable work of art. Comprised of four emotional and blunt tracks, “Tales Of A Sad Boy” showcases Love Ghost’s raw talent. Along with Love Ghost, the EP also collaborated with New York emo rapper Big Boss Mulaa and was produced by Mike Summers [Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne]. Fans of emo rap artists such as Nothing,Nowhere, and Lil Peep will love the fresh new take on the genre with elements that everyone can enjoy, no matter their genre preference.

Love Ghost is composed of Finnegan Bell (lead vocals, lyricist, guitar), Daniel Alcala (guitar, engineer backing vocals), Cory Batchler (keys, bass, backing vocals), and Daniel Gallardo (drums, vocals). Together with Big Boss Mulaa, “Tales Of A Sad Boy” is a unique blend of emo rap, alternative rock, and pop. 

The EP begins with “Heartless MASTER,” an alternative rock track with emo rap and rock elements. Finnegan’s impeccable vocals are showcased through the captivating melodies, which then switch to Mulaa’s rap verses, making the track a catchy genre-fusing song. Following “Heartless MASTER” is “Lethargic,” a slow-building and alluring track. Finnegan’s near-flawless and raspy vocals showcase his wide-range talent. 

Following “Lethargic” is “Samurai,” which has a much more hard-hitting vibe right away. The uncompromising vocals from both Finnegan and Mulaa, along with the enchanting instrumental make “Samurai,” the ultimate song for emo-rap lovers. Closing up the EP is “Train Tracks,” which has a more rock feeling, featuring Finnegan’s scream-like vocals. His voice and meaningful lyrics are so raw and emotional that the listener can feel his pain, which is extraordinary in music today.

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Tales Of A Sad Boy” now, out today on all major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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