“27 in a 7-Eleven” by SHN

“27 in a 7-Eleven” by SHN is genuinely delightful. The lyrics are not only funny but heart-wrenchingly relatable. It’s a difficult thing to achieve–a song that feels light-hearted and deeply meaningful at the same time. Plus, it helps that the music itself is so easy to enjoy. The production, while it isn’t anything wildly experimental, successfully gets that full, satisfying sound you expect from good pop music. The melodies rise and fall in all the right places. The vocal delivery is smooth and pristine. If you’re a lover of all things pop, you’ll obsess over this track.

We’re greeted by this covered, distant, spacey synth riff. “27 in a 7-Eleven / I’m just thinking about what I could’ve done more in life,” SHN utters, poetically communicating an emotion so many 20-somethings experience. With one image, she sets the stage for a track full of unmitigated catharsis. If you’ve ever had that moment after becoming an adult in which you wondered how you got here, or if you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing, then you’ll melt into these lyrics. A little swell propels us into a cloud of bass, drums, electric guitars, and catchy synths. Another verse falls in, this time peppered with extra texture and heightened energy due to the added instrumentation.

The chorus arrives, devoid of percussion but pieced together with elegant piano chords. The sudden stripping down of the mix makes the lyrics seem a little more emotionally gratifying. SHN’s vocal chops get to shine here too–showcasing the control, tone, and individuality with which she sings.

If this sounds intriguing to you, give SHN a listen! Her artistry is woven into this song with an organic, enjoyable style.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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