Coming in with more than 3 million monthly listeners, the musician Dax has had the ability to intrigue fans with his lyrics that flow naturally and swarm streaming platforms with talent and impressiveness.

Dax’s single “PTSD” is here and it delivers a haunting message. The cover art for “PTSD” is hard to look away from, consisting of different versions of Dax. “PTSD” is a single from Dax’s album titled: Pain Paints Paintings, released in 2021. This monumental album is filled with emotion, conflict, and his own truths.

Dax opens up in a vulnerable way on “PTSD”, expressing his discomfort, his suffering, and agonizing circumstances that leave listeners in awe. 

Dax begins the 3:25 track by telling listeners about a Sunday that has stuck with him, and will for the rest of his life. There is something and possibly someone following Dax, making him feel trapped, but he continues to walk on and remain strong.

“I can’t sleep ‘cause I don’t know what’s inside me/ The devil’s demons haunt and do divide me.” First-time listeners will be engulfed in the unique voice that Dax contains, and the way he evokes passion with the highs and lows of his tone. “This pain is too much/ the screams of the people make music in my head and to listen’s too tough.”

As listeners wait for Dax’s next shift, his newest single “Depression” has been released and has a fresh take on what’s going on inside his head. Dax has a knack for telling a story while rapping, and that (along with several other reasons), is why his fanbase continues to grow. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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