“Drive Alone” by Carson Ferris

“Drive Alone” by Carson Ferris is a decadently catchy, brilliantly produced, skillfully performed acoustic pop track with a lot of heart. With some impressive, belted vocals and a slew of dynamically satisfying moments, it follows the formula for radio-friendly, Top-40 music. However, don’t be fooled because it’s imbued with uniqueness, creativity, and passion. Carson Ferris is a young artist with innate individuality.

It begins with a simple, plucky guitar riff. The crisp, vibrant sound injects the mix with warmth. “Should I stay or go / Everyone tells me as if they know / Feels like I’m being towed / Like I’ve lost all control,” Carson sings with a youthful, bright timbre. The melodies carve out these groovy, in-the-pocket rhythms. The instrumentation remains simple, just a dreamy, pleasant acoustic guitar.

Vocal doubles flood the mix, paired with a change in melody. All of this serves as a foundation for the ever-climactic chorus: “I’m driving till sunrise / I’m chasing the starlight / Heading straight through the unknown.” Carson’s voice shoots into an impossibly high register, heightening the energy effortlessly. He exhibits such beautiful control and power in this moment. With each little run, the listener is further convinced he’s a budding superstar.

Be sure to give Carson Ferris a listen! You won’t regret getting to know this young, boundlessly talented artist. “Drive Alone” checks off all of the boxes of a hit song, not to mention the idiosyncrasies and distinctiveness of its performer. You might even find yourself humming it under your breath for a while afterward!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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