“Reputation” by Single By Sunday

“Reputation” by Single By Sunday is a cheeky, irreverent, pop-punk masterpiece. It really covers all of the bases–the singer has a theatrically emotive tone. The distorted electric guitars create a high-energy atmosphere. The lyrics contain just the right amount of angst. If you’re currently reveling in the emo/pop-punk resurgence, this song will absolutely have you floored.

We’re greeted by a brief cluster of power chords, which soon melts into a broken-down verse. “You said some sh*t / You tried to tear me down right from the start,” the singer utters. Bass and a thumping kick drum carry along this mildly vindictive lyric, imbuing it with power and quiet strength. A gradual build occurs, the melody rocketing in pitch and the instrumentation getting increasingly busier. With a sudden hit and a pause, we’re thrust into the chorus.

“You try to ruin my reputation / Spreading rumors for your own elation,” the vocals belt these energetic, high-pitched notes. The mix is filled to the brim with overdriven, crunchy textures. Backing vocals sail through the background with this early-mid 2000s, delightfully retro style. Just for a moment, we end up in half-time, just to be thrown back into another verse. It’s an incredibly climactic chorus capped by an effective transition.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley, then it is. Definitely give Single by Sunday a listen. “Reputation” is both a nostalgic blast from the past and an innovation of modern rock music. You won’t regret learning about this incredibly gifted band!

Written by Alyce Lindberg

Photo Credits: Marc Sharpe Visuals





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