“Time to Reflect” by Sleeping Together

“Time to Reflect” by Sleeping Together will satiate your hunger for rhythmically gratifying pop-rock songs. From a gritty, authentic vocalist to a grab-bag of delightful motifs, this track has everything you could ever want from a piece of music. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into what makes this track so great.

It begins with this lovely, staccato riff delivered by drums, bass, and guitar. Despite it being comprised mostly of chords, the syncopation of the rhythm gives it a melodic quality. With an animated shout from the singer, a guitar melody layers in, as well as a more complicated drum groove. “Disclaimer / Something’s changed,” the singer suddenly cries, the same rhythmic phrase chugging along in the background. His voice has an aggression to it–nothing crazy, but heavy enough that the listener can feel the rasp and urgency in his sound.

A flurry of crash cymbals and legato guitar chords signals the beginning of the chorus. The melody gets faster and a bit more repetitive. The instrumentation fills up a lot more sonic space. The chords become theatrical and dramatic. It’s the perfect payoff to the tight, crisp verse. Plus, the chord it ends on is so incredibly satisfying. It’s hard to describe why–but you’ll get it if you hear it.

For more tastefully complex chord choices, mesmerizing rhythms, and brilliant melodies, check out the rest of this track–or for that matter–the rest of Sleeping Together’s versatile discography. You’ll fall in love with their effortlessly cool, creative style.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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