“Forever Loyal” by BigMouf’bo

BigMouf’bo is here to stake her claim. This brief and powerful song titled “Forever Loyal” is here and is one of BigMouf’bo’s latest tracks and it’s got listeners hitting the automatic repeat button. BigMouf’bo has accomplished something that fans of the rap and hip-hop genre have been wanting to hear for years: bringing new flows and talent to the game.

BigMouf’bo has come a long way since being a contestant on the popular Netflix show, “Rhythm + Flow” and fans have been wanting to hear more from the artist and see how much harder she can go. “Forever Loyal” is definitely a track that will grab the attention of listeners and have them thinking about their own life stories and the things they’ve been through.

Although this track is only two minutes long, BigMouf’bo has been able to propel listeners and turn them into long-time fans. BigMouf’bo has managed to give us her feelings on this track and let us see through her eyes; from her perspective. 

This fast pace track is similar to a freestyle and there is no doubt that music lovers will be impressed by how “Forever Loyal” tells a story and her truth all at once. At the beginning of the track, BigMouf’bo even tells us that there are “no secrets.

“If you with the squad/I’ll give you my heart/ this – about loyalty.” “How you my brother, but you won’t defend me?” It doesn’t get more real than that and this is what rap/ hip-hop fans need to have on their playlists. Fans want to hear what’s next from BigMouf’bo, make sure you follow her socials for updates.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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