“LaNoise” by Alec Berlin

If you’ve seen my first review on this site, you know how much I enjoy the music of Alec Berlin. Seriously, what’s not to like? Dude plays guitar so effortlessly! Well, that enjoyment is still going strong, as Alec has a new song out called, “LaNoise”!

Once again, an instrumental, this showcases Alec Berlin’s phenomenal skill as a guitar player. Comparing this to the previous song I reviewed (“ROYGBIV”), I think that “LaNoise” has a more… grounded feel to it. Let me explain.

With “ROYGBIV”, it sounded a bit more like a trip on the road, where you are driving midday and only see road. “LaNoise” sounds like you’re coming back home from a long trip and sitting on your porch. I love the difference of both and honestly love the fact that it feels like a cohesive story through instrumentation!

What can I say that I haven’t said about Alec’s guitar playing? He is still one of the best! I love how the guitar has a bit more of a country twang to it. It makes for such an interesting listen, as it makes the song more dynamic.

Something else that I think can’t be understated is the easy listening properties of “LaNoise”. I think that it takes some serious talent to not only create a song that is this good but create a song that has a relaxed vibe to it as well. Alec Berlin’s “LaNoise” is a relaxed song that makes you feel like you are back at home after a long trip, and you are grateful to just sit down and breathe.

Check out “LaNoise” and listen to even more amazing music from Alec Berlin!

Written by Marcus Norris





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