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“We Know It’s True” by Mick J. Clark

It’s undeniably astounding when an artist’s content brings awareness to issues the world faces that are drowned out by social media and entertainment (not that any of them are wrong).

British singer-songwriter Mick J. Clark is a prime example of that type of artist, notably with his 2020 EP “Causes,” which addresses crucial topics from suicide to bullying. The opening track, “We Know It’s True,” is one of the most realistic songs that touch on global warming and calls out humans on their selfish acts against a selfless world. 

With simple chord progressions and an angelically soft sound, it’s not a bit farfetched to assume that Mick wanted the focus to be one the lyrics and the message. 

The song’s center focus is we know the ineluctable truth about how the planet is beautiful and how our actions have harmed her yet continue to neglect the health of the entity that has provided us a way of life. It’s irrefutable that we accept the nurturing gifts she generously provides, but we disregard her and continue on with our lives without showing an ounce of gratitude or care. “We Know It’s True” is the eye opener we need to change our thinking and be more proactive in giving back to the planet to ensure global warmings negative effects don’t occur.

“We know we don’t know what’s up ahead / But with so much regret for so much neglect / Should have listened to what the scientist said / We it’s true, we know it’s cruel / We know it’s beautiful / Treated bad, you make it mad, it’s true.”

Mick did an amazing job with chosing the right lyrics to spread his message, warning us about global warming. He clearly wants the world to make changes for the better and with “We Know It’s True,” he will surely reach his goal.

“We Know It’s True’ is a part of his “Causes” EP, so  don’t hesitate to give it a listen and follow Mick on his music journey to see what more he has to say with his music. Also, check out his latest single “This Moment” on your preferred music streaming service.

Written by Taylor Berry

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