“We Take Form – Live” by Some Kind of Nightmare

Most of you probably already know who DCxPC Live is, well they are back with another hard hitting band. Some Kind of Nightmare not new to the scene by any means, they have been around for a decade and are pros at touring. This was their first time performing since COVID hit and you can tell by their high energy that they missed it. Some Kind of Nightmare or SKON consists of Chy Mess who is guitar/vox, bassist and vocalist Molly Mess, and Joshua Varichak on the drums.

SKON has many songs that mean a lot, they’re not just playing music with meaningless words. It all means something and when you put it together you get an awesome EP such as “We Take Form”, the duo of vocals between Molly and Chy makes everything feel connected. You can feel the emotions behind each track and you cannot help but to get hype with them.

They make it damn near impossible to not want to mosh and just let loose. This trio is fun and knows how to get the party started and how to keep it going, they make you want to scream, punch walls and also give someone a hug. The range and variety they provide is unmatched. Give the person next to you some smoochie moochies.

As you finish up the bonus track, you’ll be left with pure joy and satisfaction. They are a group that you will want to experience live, they get your blood flowing and your lungs pumping. Purely a pleasure to listen to.

Written by Jaye Maverick

 Photo Credit: Lindsey Warnot





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