“Years” by Galaxy Thief

Galaxy Thief has released their latest track “Years” and it’s sure to gain listeners’ attention. This soft rock/ indie/ pop rock song is making its way around playlists and listeners want to hear more and to know more about the band and all they have to offer.

Galaxy Thief does this track justice with tones that shift, an impressive guitar solo(1:29), and leaves listeners turning into fans, while they wonder- what intriguing line will we hear next? 

This mysterious indie-melodic track is perfect for those fans who love free-sounding music and look toward the future in a positive way while embracing the present. The track “Years” has an adventure kind of sound that is perfect for any season and provides easy listening. Galaxy Thief provides an echo-y garage-band sound that offers nostalgia as well as new memories that grant their fans’ wishes. A wish to hear something new, a song that doesn’t remind them of another one. 

All the small things, mean more to me now/ don’t look back, live in the moment, it’ll be days until the years pass/ so we’ll do it again.” Galaxy Thief has hit the nail on the head with a super catchy track with effortless lyrics. “We won’t let this be the end/ the world is moving on/ no matter who you are/ wherever how far.”

Galaxy Thief creates visuals with their lyrics that fans want to see and experience for themselves. “Years” is a track that will live on and on, as well as having listeners feel forever young. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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