“Find Out” by LIBERATI and Rebecca Brunner

“Find Out” by LIBERATI and Rebecca Brunner is a texturally decadent pop duet, overflowing with memorable melodies and thrilling production tricks. As the two vocalists evoke feelings of love, sentimentality, and excitement, the track flows through a sweet and effective chord progression. If you’re a fan of that classically clean pop sound, you’ll love this one.

In the first few seconds, we’re already greeted with a huge amalgamation of sounds. Vocal samples, fuzzy synths, and effortlessly funky percussion flies through the mix, eventually culminating in the entrance of the verse: “Lost and down a dark road / Praying for a miracle / Never thought I would be here again.” The vocals are soft, warm, and full of emotional intention. The chords come in little punches of synth, accompanied by subtle, continuous hi-hats.

Suddenly, the sound widens for a vibrant pre-chorus. Bass, vocal layering, and fuller instrumentation wash over the track. “You make me want to find out,” the vocalist chimes as the mix dwindles to an acoustic guitar and a few small vocal flourishes. The false build here really emphasizes the lyrics, making the hook seem all the more down-to-earth and touching. Plus, when it happens again later, the explosion of texture dynamically juxtaposes this chorus in the most guttural, animalistically satisfying way. As listeners, we’re attracted to music that sprinkles in both quiet and loud moments throughout. It makes the intimate parts more meaningful, and the exciting parts more energizing.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg




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