“Sabotage” by Jordan Jones

“Sabotage” by Jordan Jones is one of those rare pop songs with a little grit and soul to them. With some classically catchy melodies and a clean production quality, it undoubtedly checks off the radio-friendly, easy-listening box. However, on top of that, Jordan’s voice imbues every moment with this organic, genuine nature. It takes a well-written, well-produced track to a totally different level.

A lightly affected guitar ushers in the lead vocal: “I built these walls and I put up these shelves.” The lyrics ebb and flow with this melancholy cleverness. Jordan does a great job of creating both an image and an emotional atmosphere. Diverse, textural percussive elements trickle in, fostering the slow burn-style build toward the chorus. For a moment, most of the instrumentation drops, and the vocals get deep and fast, creating a juxtaposition for the coming drop.

“You know I’m screaming on the inside,” Jordan cries, the melody rocketing higher. Vocal effects and background vocals envelop the sound. The lyrics are a bit more urgent and emotionally charged. It’s one of those choruses you’ll be humming for days afterward, which is one of the main reasons it aces the pop formula. It’s solid. It’s memorable–but most of all, it’s relatable.

Go give Jordan Jones some love on your choice of social media or streaming service. He’s obviously a talented, natural-born musician. If you’re an avid pop listener, look no further. “Sabotage” will be your new favorite dramatic, bold pop track, and Jordan Jones will be your new favorite artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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