“Love of Your Life” by Robbie Rapids

A song that was almost never released, Robbie Rapids is back with his new single “Love of My Life.” The track was originally written with a female pop singer like Madonna in mind and Robbie Rapids transformed it to fit his more 80s rock style.

This is the first pop rock release of Robbie Rapids, and it was done in collaboration with David Levene. Levene produced the electric track and wrote the music and melody; Rapids wrote the lyrics.

The pop rock track has an intriguing story of someone trying to win the love of their life at a night club. The movement of the synths and consistent drums along with the vibrant album cover really build the world. The song has a conversational tone in the verses and Robbie becomes a narrator who fills in the listener on every detail. The lyrics in the pre chorus: “and I would crawl onto my knees for her, could she be the true love of my life?” show the emotion and desperation as well as paint a clear picture.

The song could be compared to Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance” except “Love of My Life” leans heavier into the rock and dance elements.  Robbie Rapids is able to take a common situation and breathe new life into it. The track is fun and has meaningful lyrics, which can sometimes be lost in popular songs. It is clear that Rapids is not afraid to take risks in his music and can combine playful energy with a meaningful love story.

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by David Avant





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