“Canceled” by Naga Brujo

Austin, Texas brings many great things and one of those is musicians, but what it rarely brings is an all queer/ femme focused band. Naga Brujo is exactly that, Asia Reign Gonzalez us the lead vocalist, Jake Mumps accompanies on vocals and is the lead guitarist, bassist Jacob Lyons and drummer Dylan Barnett. “Canceled” is their latest EP release and although Dylan is the current drummer, Ryan Woessner was the drummer for the recordings of this EP.

There has been a lot of buzz and excitement about this EP release, according to the group “Canceled” traverses the realms of punk and hard rock to deliver diverse lyrical themes with four heavy-hitting tracks. Each song delivers a powerful message, it makes you want to get out all of your aggression and let loose.

“Sad Sick World” starts off the EP and it almost takes you back to a classic skate park song that you would hear on Tony Hawk Pro Skater. It makes you want to rage just a little bit, they make you feel comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings. Immediately you are already hooked on them, what else do they have in store?

If you felt that “Sick Sad World” was too short, don’t fret, the next track “Black Magick” is 5 minutes of darkness and heaviness. With lyrics that are methodical and eye opening, they provide you with a track that makes you feel witchy and powerful. “Slug” speeds things back up with a drum beat that will make your head spin. Already with these three tracks you can see what kind of range they have.

As the “Canceled” wraps up, you’re still able to get some last head bangs in with “Fever Dreamer”. Starting off fast paced, then giving you some time to chill but not too much time because much like a fever dream Naga Brujo is going to make you sweat. Naga Brujo is a group that you will want to keep an eye on and if the opportunity presents itself to see them live, take that chance.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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