“Spotlight” by Juliet Callahan

Back with a slick self-love anthem, Los Angeles-based artist Juliet Callahan is taking center stage with her new single “Spotlight.” The electric pop track is Callahan taking the term “independent” to a whole new level of her own. The singer solely sang, wrote, produced, and engineered every element of the track. Callahan shared that this is the first song that she worked on 100% on her own and there will be many more tracks to come.

With so many elements, it is obvious that Callahan has craft beyond her years and her attention to detail is immaculate. Along with solely working the track, Callahan also edited the music video that accompanies the song. The video showcases clips of strong anime women in battle. It captures the rise and power that is meant to be felt when listening to this song.

Her dark alt-pop sound is unique to Callahan. The singer spent a year in her home studio honing the skills to produce this track. For her sixth single, she pivoted to a more upbeat “boss girl” energy, taking inspiration from artists like Britney Spears and Rihanna. The upbeat electric sound is put on full display here. The beat adds to the confidence booster that this song is. Perfect for any girl’s night out (or in) full of dancing and feeling yourself.

When asked what she hopes listeners take from the song Callahan shared, “My goal through this track is for my listeners to be feeling themselves and be like: this is who I am, I love myself because of that, and nobody can tell me different. It was also really awesome to see how this affected the view I have of myself and my accomplishments on my own journey of self-love. I hope to have that same effect on whoever may be listening”

So, check out “Spotlight” out now!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photos by Matt Sclarandis





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