Artist Interview: “Sway” by Daniela Galasso

Capturing the simple joys of life, California-based singer/songwriter Daniela Galasso is back with her new song “Sway.” The song twinkling synths and Dani’s soft voice matches her love for this newfound peace. Dani has a knack for taking universal messages and combining them with her raw feelings and personal elements. The song is shining example of the singer’s talent and writing skills, and we can expect to hear in her future projects, including her upcoming EP.

“Sway” was a national hit before it was released. The California-based songwriter paired up with Nashville-based producer Ted Skolits to bring the song to life. The duo was a dream team from the start, encouraging each other to try new styles to create the song we hear now.

We had a moment to sit down with Dani and talk to her about her song “Sway,” her future music plans, and more.

Q&A with Daniela Galasso

Q: How was your 2022?

DANIELA GALASSO: It was good! I spent a lot of time working on production for my single releases and figuring out a release plan. I released Sway and Yesterday’s Story, from my upcoming EP. I also moved! And have been settling into my new place & new studio.

Q: So can you talk about who or what got you into songwriting?

DANIELA GALASSO: I always was mesmerized by the idea of songwriting in high school—it seemed like a cool challenge but I didn’t know if I could really do it. At some point I started writing as a way to express what I was going through with relationships and eventually started singing them at open mics in the bay area

Q: You’ve got your sophomore single, “Sway,” out now. What’s the inspiration and influence behind the song?

DANIELA GALASSO: I was thinking about what happiness could look like for me…and then I started writing about all the things I love, like dancing and singing…and it kind of came together like a story I was telling someone.

Q: What are you hoping the listener can take away from the song?

DANIELA GALASSOI really want people to feel wonder and happiness when they hear it. This song is all about imagining ‘dancing on’ with the ones we love—imagining a happy future, full of the fun simple moments.

Q:  The song was produced with Nashville-based producer Ted Skolits, can you talk about how you two got together and what the production process was like?

DANIELA GALASSOI found Ted through a matchmaking service called ItyDity…basically they help songwriters find producers. I made a demo and then worked w/ Ted remotely on the production during the Pandemic over email & zoom. I happened to be flying to Nashville in Nov. 21’ and we got to meet and record vocals in-person at his studio.

Q: You’ve got an EP in the works, what sound and subjects are you hoping to tackle on that?

DANIELA GALASSO: A lot of this EP is showcasing beauty in vulnerability..the stories in the singles are very honest, but also very feminine and delicate, mostly about love and personal struggles

Q: What does success as a musician and songwriter mean to you?

DANIELA GALASSOHonestly, in some ways I feel like I’ve reached it bc for the longest time I just wanted to release original music. Now that I have, I’m also working on gigging with my original music. Additionally I would be over the moon it if my songs were ever placed in TV/Film. That would be really cool 🙂

Q:What are some of your goals – whether musically or otherwise – for 2023?

DANIELA GALASSOI want to continue releasing music from my debut EP and start to gig with the band I’ve been practicing with! I’m going to be planning an EP release party once I decide on the release date, so I’m pretty excited for that.

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by James Lignell





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